Irma REcovery

We want to do our best to BE The Church and help our community recover from this storm. In the next few weeks we will have some opportunities to jump in and serve, and also some items we are looking for to help us get some work done. We want to do our best to be the hands and feet and help get our community out during this time of rebuilding and clean up. If you are interested in being a part of our 'Recovery Team' please click the box below. This doesn't commit you to having to carry logs all around town, just helps us communicate and be better at mobilizing when the needs arise. Thanks You!

Help financially

This money is going out into our community. All money donated for 'Irma Recovery' will not be used for our building or supplies for our church in general. We will first use the money to help those in our immediate church family; then to our friends and neighbors, and then to NAMB's recovery effort. Please help us by supporting us financially in these efforts. Click the button below to give.