"Behold" Unite summer camp 2022

Registration has taken place, now the countdown to "Behold" summer camp begins!   Here's some details:

Dates-  August 1-5, 2022      Cost-  $400 total ($350 if you've already paid your deposit)

Location-   YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly in Black Mountain, NC.   blueridgeassembly.org

Work opportunities-  If you would like to work toward making money for camp, please contact Pastor Michael to get on a list of potential jobs for summer camp.   (Michael@lwrbaptist.com)

Make additional Payment-  


- Gatherings -

The UNITE student ministry has multiple gatherings throughout the week.

Sunday Mornings we meet at 9:00am.    We gather on the 3rd floor of our main church building, and our time will feature:  intentional relationship building, fun ice breakers, prayer time and Bible study/discussion.   

Wednesday Nights we meet at 6:30pm in the main worship center.  Our time consists of student-led praise and worship games, announcements and teaching regularly led by our student pastor.  Come early at 6 for fellowship time with friends and Unite leaders!

Monthly Meetings:  Please see our monthly calendar for all current extra events and opportunities for our Unite students!

The goal of the UNITE student ministry is that

all would KNOWLIVE, & SHARE the truth of Jesus.