in-home discipleship for children

Our children's ministry has re-opened on Sundays.  Our Wednesday night children's program is currently on hold.  If you are not ready to bring your children back to public services, we encourage you to pursue in-home discipleship on Sunday mornings. Below is an outline of how parents can walk their children through a biblical lesson on Sundays and Wednesdays.


At 9:00 a.m. each Sunday, gather children K-5th for a Bible lesson in your home. Most of the lesson will be completed on a mobile device that will provide interactive activities and videos to reinforce the lesson.  We hope parents will do one lesson per week.

To Get Started

  1. Download the LifeWay Kids app from the App store.
  2. Choose the appropriate volume of The Gospel Project for Kids for iPhone (or corresponding device). This volume does cost $0.99, but it will help you give multiple options for teaching your children for over 2 months.

Prior to the Lesson

  1. Watch the video in the app. This will show you what specific biblical passage you need to study prior to the lesson.
  2. Download and print the activity sheet that corresponds to this lesson. There is one for older children and one for younger children.

How to Teach a Lesson

  1. Read the passage with your children or portions of the passage depending on their ages.
  2. Click the "Bible Story Video" (Kids) at the bottom of the screen for an animated story that summarizes the lesson.
  3. Click "Family Starter" and review the questions from the story.
  4. Click "Coloring" and allow children to digitally color a page from the story.
  5. Click "Key Passage Mix Up" and have your child put the Bible verse in the right order. This passage is different from the passage previously studied, but it helps summarize the point of the unit.
  6. Pray together.
  7. Have your child complete the activity sheet that goes with this lesson.

How to Use the App


For preschool children, we encourage you to read them a corresponding story from the Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally-Lloyd Jones.


On Wednesday evenings, we encourage parents to go over a catechism with their children. 

Christians have used catechisms for centuries, but they are often less familiar in Baptist circles. A catechism is simply a set of questions and answers about God that children try to memorize.

The catechism we use in our children's ministry is the New City Catechism.

Here's how to disciple your children by using a catechism:

  1. Download the New City Catechism App
  2. In the app, click the gear (upper right), then click Children's Mode.
  3. Go to the appropriate question and teach 2 questions and answers to your child each Wednesday night. Try several strategies and use what works: use a lot of repetition, make flashcards, dances, memory tricks or hand motions. There is a short song in the app associated with each question (bottom right).
  4. Read the scripture that goes with each question (bottom left).
  5. Watch the video that corresponds to each question. See the video playlist below.

Lessons on each question