A D-Group is a group of 3-5 people of the same gender who meet once a week to discuss a book, to hold each other accountable and to pray for one another.  This Spring, D-Groups will meet each Wednesday during the month of March.  The registration deadline is February 28th.

WHY D-Groups?

A Praying Life by Paul Miller

Prayer is all about relationship. Based on the popular seminar by the same name, A Praying Life has discipled thousands of Christians to a vibrant prayer life full of joy and power. When Jesus describes the intimacy He seeks with us, He talks about joining us for dinner (Revelation 3:20). A Praying Life feels like having dinner with good friends. It is the way we experience and connect to God. In A Praying Life, author Paul Miller lays out a pattern for living in relationship with God and includes helpful habits and approaches to prayer that enable us to return to a childlike faith.  Click here to order the book.

Reading Plan
  • March 3: Chapters 1-8
  • March 10: Chapters 9-11
  • March 17: Chapters 12-18
  • March 24: Chapter 19-27
  • March 31: Chapters: 28-34

Praying Backwards by Bryan Chapell

Christians often say, "In Jesus' name" to close their prayers. But is this truly a desire of the heart or a perfunctory "Yours Truly" to God? Bryan Chapell says we should begin our prayers in Jesus' name we should be Praying Backwards. In this practical and inspiring book, he shows readers that to truly pray in Jesus' name is to reorder one's priorities in prayer and in life away from oneself and towards Jesus and his kingdom. It is to pray believing in the power and the goodness of the One who hears, and thus to pray boldly, expectantly, and persistently. Readers seeking to transform their prayer lives will find wonderful direction in Praying Backwards.  Click here to order the book!

Reading Plan

  • March 3: Chapters 1-2
  • March 10: Chapters 3-4
  • March 17: Chapters 5-6
  • March 24: Chapters 7-8
  • March 31: Chapters 9-10