in-home discipleship for students

Pastor Michael has created two main platforms for students to grow in their faith while cannot meet. We encourage students to continue to set aside Sunday and Wednesday as times for extended of study and participation online.


- Our Students are encouraged to watch our live stream @ on Sunday mornings. 

- By 3pm on Sunday, we will post several discussion questions about the Sunday sermon on our Instagram page:  Unitestumin

-  8pm on Sunday, Pastor Michael will host an Instagram live @ Unitestumin for some live chats with students as well as discussion from the sermon that day.    

- Beginning Sunday, March 22, this time will feature time to pray for one another, live chats with YOU (our students), as well as  discussion based on the questions about the Sunday morning sermon.  


- Our Wednesday Unite gathering will take place on Instagram at 6:30 p.m. 

- Find us @ Unitestumin on Instagram.

- Pastor Michael will teach a lesson, and he will be offering resources, articles, and books to use during this time while we are unable to be with one another.

-  We would like to connect with all of you!  Please read the article Pastor Michael shared via e-mail and update him with your phone number so we can regularly reach out to pray for you and serve you in any possible manner.